SHL is introducing a Brand New, 40-Year Old Company


SHL and CEB/ Gartner have separated their research and talent measurement tools. And SHL is now under the ownership of Exponent Private Equity.

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Talent Management Wheel

SHL Talent Measurement


Alcor Executive is an official SHL reseller partner and authorized trainer for SHL Talent Measurement Solutions. As such, we provide a full range of products, training and advisory services to help our clients leverage their business performance by providing insight into the value and potential of their people. SHL Talent Measurement Offerings include science-based assessments, benchmark data, technologies, and consultancy services to help organizations assess, select, and develop the right people for the right roles.

A Choice of SHL Talent Measurement Solutions Delivery Options:

- Self-service – we give you direct access to our online assessments
- Managed services – we administer and deliver the assessments on your behalf

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SHL Precise Fit

Candidate Selection Without Compromises


Candidate Selection

Our solution embeds our best practices and world-class assessments in innovative technology to optimize the candidate experience, increase recruiter effectiveness, and improve post-hire outcomes.

Our modern, mobile-first interface offers timely feedback, keeps the candidate engaged, and delivers value regardless of outcome. Candidates are informed of job requirements, time commitments, and next steps, empowering them to self-select.

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